How do I sign up for an iKALI Course?

We have several online training courses. Our first course iKali Blade, is a good place to start: click here

Where can I get ongoing iKALI training?

The best way to get continuing education is to become a member of one of our iKALI programs. Each program has a lesson released every week, as well as live lessons within our Facebook Group. 

Additional opportunities for continuing education are at the seminar’s we conduct. This includes The Gathering in Ft Lauderdale (First weekend of Dec), the Las Vegas Supershow (last weekend of June).

Finally, we offer continuing education at the regional seminars held by iKALI certified instructors. Please send an email to if you want to know more.

Is the iKALI Blade training just a bunch of seminar footage?

No.  The lessons that makeup iKALI Blade are built from scratch to develop students using an online classroom environment.

These lessons are grouped into courses to take advantage of Tuhon Apolo’s ability to build student’s skills to an effective level.

In addition to the course videos, you will also get private instruction in our Facebook group, seminar vidoes that build on the Blade lessons, and special instruction that isn’t made public.

Click here to learn more.

Do I need a partner to train?

We have a number of students where their schools do not offer KALI. In this case, we recommend that you have a friend join with you and then go through the program together.

But, it is not a requirement. The course is built to allow you to train by yourself if that is your situation.

We have hundreds of Blade and Instructor Program members, and that doesn’t include our affiliated schools. Individual trainers can and do connect via our private Facebook group and train together.

Finally, as a single practitioner, any training that you do individually accelerates any progress you make attending continuing education at a seminar.

We invite you to try the program!

If I enroll in the iKali Blade Course, do I also get access to iKali Instructor Curriculum?

The iKALI Blade online training does not include the iKali Instructor Curriculum program. 

Could I take the iKALI Blade course and teach it in my school?

The iKali Blade Course is a foundational course in Kali, designed for individual proficiency. As such it is NOT specifically designed to be taught to others. Nor will it allow advancement in iKali rank. iKali Instructor Curriculum is the best fit to build a program to teach to others.

This follows Apolo’s “Learn to Teach. Teach to Learn”® model, and we encourage all our students to teach.

If you are a school, and are teaching iKALI programs, please contact us. We have special pricing for school members that allow your parents and adults access to the curriculum as well.



How is this different from other PTK online programs?

We really can’t speak to other online programs quality or course content, and we support the spreading to the Indigenous Art Of KALI.

Pekiti Tirsha Kali all falls under the instruction and guidance of Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr., and the iKALI Blade and iKali Instructor Curriculum techniques are based on the teachings learned by Tuhon Apolo Ladra.

Apolo also brings the additional expertise of curriculum development specifically designed to support martial arts schools and student development.  Examples include:

  • Previously owned and operated 59 martial arts schools in the Baltimore, MD metropolitan area.
  • Constructed the KALI curriculum used by Karate America to deploy a complementary program to support Tae Kwon Do schools and integrated KALI with a Krav Maga program.
  • Developed the iKali Instructor curriculum currently taught to more than 30,000 students worldwide.
  • Desired curriculum developer that allows martial arts schools to integrate KALI into additional programs of instruction seamlessly for both instructor and student.
If you have any other questions, please send us an email at to send us a question.

Request an invitation for the Kali-4-Kids program, and we'll provide all the next steps and details on how to get started.