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Accredited Filipino Kali Classes for Your Academy

The iKali Club Program:  Complement Your Existing Training Curriculum

iKALI Club is a systematized and structured curriculum designed to help school owners integrate KALI training into then existing teaching program. The program is packed with endless fun drills for engaging students and is the perfect complement to your leadership or upgrade programs. Blending traditional and contemporary teaching methods, iKali Club brings a fresh approach to its fundamental principle: “Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn”. iKali Club immediately provides an exciting training program where students actually use the weapons with a partner, and build upon drills that create a natural draw for your school.  With structured lessons, drills, and exercises students are “banging sticks” within just a few minutes. This always popular training program gives instructors a weapons program that adds another learning opportunity for your students, provide continuing education for instructors, and create an experience that draws both children and adults to your school With multiple years of instruction, curriculum, and lesson plans available.  iKali Club provides the perfect complementary program for any martial arts school.

What’s Included In My Membership Program?

Min 12 payments of $299

Includes All Benefits of iKali (Instructor) Club Program Plus:

    • 1 Principal Member to Attend 4 Live Instructor Training Weekends
    • Limited rights Use for FKA Name & Logo for Approved Uniforms
    • FKA Facility Protected area (Population density)
    • Facility Permission Student Rank Testing
    • Wholesale Pricing on ikali/FKA Equipment Apparel & Gear
    • Access to Closed FKA FB group (Business Leadership Accelerated Development Education)
    • Special Conference Calls and Seminars only for FKA Members
    • 50% off Staff or registered students attending Curriculum Training Weekends

NOTE: FKA affiliates must make iKali classes available on their public schedule.

Please consult with our director for eligibility to offer these classes or other benefits to any of our course offerings


Coming soon… Path to Guro and Beyond Program