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Complement your school and program with a proven KALI Curriculum.  No extra work or time commitment, and your school has a premier curriculum for one of the fastest growing martial arts in the world.



Kali Curriculum

An online resource including class plans and videos to complement your school, style, and program with a done-for-you Kali instructional program.

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How Do I get Started Teaching?

Teaching Indigenous Kali is a great way to build a fun program into your regular martial arts program, for all ages. Kali4Kids is a systematized and structured curriculum designed to help school owners with student retention, and provide continuing education for martial arts instructors and students.

The Kali4Kids curriculum is organized in a highly structured manner that not only makes it easy to learn, but easy to teach, and perhaps the simplest curriculum I’ve ever come across to implement into an already existing martial arts program. The Kali system complements any weapons program and enhances any martial arts program with its focus on both fine and gross motor skills.

The Kali system is exceptionally well developed in the art of footwork. Just this one aspect of the style makes it a great addition to the skill set of any martial artist, whether an expert or a young budding martial arts enthusiast.

Kali offers a taste of something different: hand-to-hand, as well as stick and knife training. And who doesn’t want to make that thwacking sound of a stick on a target?

GrandMaster Clark

Warrior Krav Maga

I have trained in the martial arts for over 40 years. I have had the opportunity to train with some of the legends in our industry. Since beginning my martial arts journey, I have always tried to surround myself with the best for the betterment of myself and my students. After having completed the three day comprehensive Kali4Kids teacher certification, I could not be more excited about the future for myself and my students.
The generosity and kindness shown by Master Apollo is heartfelt. As a martial arts instructor, you would be remiss not to explore the opportunities the art of Kali could provide for your school either as an add-on or standalone program.

Shihan James Chillemi

New York Goju Karate Association

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