How To Use The iKALI Training Programs

Blending traditional and contemporary teaching methods, the Art Of Blade provides a new fresh philosophy to instruction and training in our courses.  We based the course development and teaching upon a key belief:  Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn.

This allows practitioners, instructors, and schools to choose the program to meet their objectives all based on the combative art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali:

  • The Kali-4-Kids program was developed to disguise the practice application for schools, instructors, and parents who want to teach or practice Kali with a younger practitioner.
  • The iKALI Combat program provides an adult focused curriculum on the Art of Blade.
  • The iKALI Fit program provides a fitness program that challenges athletes of all levels, and provides a challenging curriculum that can be practiced at home or in a school with an instructor.

Rooted deep in the history of the indigenous cultural art of the Philippines, these courses all build on the applications and foundation of learning the proper techniques with a weapons based approach.

An Adaptable Curriculum That Fits Your Situation


The Kali4Kids Curriculum is comprised of four courses: Double Stick, Single Stick, Empty Hand, and Flow & Application. In our rotating curriculum, you teach three months of each of the three primary modules (DS/SS/EH) in succession. Students are eligible to be taught the fourth module, Flow & Application, after testing on the other three modules. The F&A Module can be taught during regular classes or as a separate class.

iKALI Combat

The iKALI Combat curriculum is built from 12 fundamental lessons which every student must complete.  At the conclusion of that course, all members receive ongoing advanced iKALI instruction weekly.

Each lesson is broken down to allow you to learn it, apply it, and even to teach it immediately.


The iKALI Fit curriculum is a fitness based program that building on the practical nature of KALI.  Using the weapons of PTK, practitioners develop fitness, muscle strength, and endurance.

Many fitness programs require a level of fitness, but anyone can “swing a stick”.  The opportunity to begin where you are, and progress over time makes iKALI-Fit a unique solution available for everyone.

Train anywhere.  Train with a partner. Train in a school.

But always…Learn to teach.  Teach to learn!

Ranking Systems

We believe that your skill is your rank!  However, we also understand that kids really need to see the progress they are making.  For adults there are specific skill and other requirements for advancement also.

The Kali-4-Kids Program

The Kali4Kids Curriculum has a ranking system of three levels, each with their own color handkerchief. Each level is comprised of one star, two star, three star, and a colored trim. Students advance through the level by testing on each module.

For every completed module, a students earns a new handkerchief with a new star or stripe.