The iKali 4 Kids Program

iKALI 4 Kids is a systemized and structured curriculum designed to help school owners with student retention, provide continuing education for martial arts instructors and students, and create an experience that applies to both children and adults.

Get your school certified! The first step is to complete our three-day certification workshop, which will allow you to teach the unique training methods of the Kali4Kids curriculum and prepare you to implement the program into your school. The program is packed with endless fun drills for engaging students and is the perfect complement to your leadership or upgrade programs.

Blending traditional and contemporary teaching methods, Kali4Kids brings a new fresh philosophy to its curriculum: Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn. Learn more about the Kali4Kids Curriculum.

Rooted deep in the history of the indigenous cultural art of the Philippines, Kali4Kids has been developed as a program to disguise the practical application of the combative art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

School Owners

  • Increase student retention
  • Add value to existing program
  • Add weapons training
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase merchandise sales
  • Something new and fun for you as a committed Martial Arts Professional

Certification Process

Our three-day certification workshops will train and qualify you as a Certified Kali4Kids Teacher.  After you register for a workshop, we will email you login credentials to this site. You will have access to training videos to help you prepare for the workshop right away!

Ongoing Curriculum Access

Registration entitles you to access to the curriculum modules right away, to start giving you the immediate tools to structure and implement your Kali Curriculum program. With this monthly subscription, you will gain online access to our level and technique-specific curriculum modules and continue your education. This includes training videos and daily lesson plans.  There are many ways to implement this program including:

  • An add-on to your existing program
  • As a tool to RETAIN your Black Belts
  • An extreme program that creates it’s own revenue stream
  • Something to keep for yourself to refuel your passion for martial arts

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