Welcome to iKALI Blade Online training where you learn the foundations of Art Of Blade.   

Increase your skill, ongoing instruction, and feedback every week, all for just $29/month

Here’s What’s Included In Your Program: 

Lessons Become Available Every Week

Every week, you’ll get a new lesson that will advance your KALI Blade knowledge and expertise, to increase your personal skillset.

iKALI Ongoing Help

You’ll get additional feedback, application, training tips, drills, and instruction.

Private Community

A private group where all members can network, share what’s working, connect, train, and receive feedback from iKALI Instructors and Tuhon Apolo

Advanced Guides & More

Each lesson is broken down into short small videos that allow you to study at your pace. Each course lesson also comes with a detailed student guide so you get everything related to that lesson

iKALI Blade Training

Enroll in iKali Blade – Online Kali training designed to increase your personal Blade Skill

  • Structured and easy to follow lessons
  • Multiple techniques and progressive drills
  • Practical application for “real life” scenarios
  • Personal feedback from Tuhon & Senior Instructors
  • Worldwide community training side-by-side with you
  • Track your progress with our simple to use website

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