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iKALI Academy

iKALI Blade

An The first 12 weeks of the iKALI Academy focuses on the Blade, and provides a dedicated training program that builds the attributes and responses for advanced blade training.

Designed for adults, self-instruction, or class instruction.  May be stand alone, or integrated into existing curriculum.

iKALI 4 Kids

KALI 4 Kids Training

The iKALI-4-Kids program is designed to teach KALI to kids of all ages with a structured curriculum you can implement today!

Designed for KIDS, and practiced by everyone!  The KALi-4-Kids program has multiple years of lessons available to either support your existing program, or create a stand-alone KALI progam.

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Our flagship program, iKALI Academy, is a premier online training program 100% designed to build your technique, skills, and ability to apply the Indigenous Art Of Kali.  We provide a depth of structured lessons on Double Stick, Single Stick, Blade, Empty Hand, and even Fitness!  Do all these lessons at your own pace, and every week you’ll get a new technique to learn.  Weekly LIVE video sessions focus on you progressing, and you’re part of a dedicated iKALI community.

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